Easter Pack

Easter Pack


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Choose your pack based upon the size of your church, all packs include the same items but in different quantities, change option to see quantities below...


Pack - SMALL

1 x Paschal Candle 24" x 2" [B24200N]

1 x pack of 100 Palm Crosses [PC100]

1 x box of 160 Vigil Candles [CEV12]

1 x box of 250 Drip Mats [S02]

1 x case of 12 bottles of Muscat Wine [W5C]

1 x box of 24 Clear 7 Day Sanctuary Lights [VLSLC]

1 x box of 100 Charcoal [S10]

1 x box of 1lb Sanctuary fragrance Prinknash Abbey Incense [S17]

1 x box of 50 White Altar Breads 2 3/4" diameter [S32-W50]

1 x bag of 500 Wholemeal Altar Breads 1 1/8" diameter [S94-WM]


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Pack Size
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