Meet the Hayes & Finch Team

January 03, 2017 in Events, Latest News.

Hayes & Finch are proud to employ 70 people, each with unique skill sets and experience, to offer you a company with everything under one roof. A member of our staff, Barnaby Preece, created the above illustration to fully display the concept. 

We thought it was time that you, our customers, were finally able to put faces to the names of Hayes & Finch, so that when you receive your next item from us you are aware of it’s journey.


We will begin with our candlefloor, which has both old and new processes and machinery, offering the very best in candles and votive lights. The candlefloor is split into 2 parts with Gary Leather, as Candle cell leader, running the beeswax Altar & Paschal candles, and Mary Jenkins, as Lights cell leader, running the votive machines. Gary & Mary have a team behind them; JackieJoan, JeanSueLil Lucas.

Wick & Core Room

Our wick and coreroom team is run by Ellen Mackrell, and includes CarolJimmy Andrew. Their job is to make sure all of the various types of candle components we offer are manufactured in time for production requirement.

Production & Purchasing

The production department requires a team to ensure all orders are running smoothly, quality is kept high and all machines are running at their most efficient. The team is kept in check by our Operations Manager, Ian McFarlane and Candle Technician, Derek Edwards.

Production is supported by Loreen, our purchasing administrator, along with Michael & Vera, our purchasing team who make sure all items and orders are scheduled on time and in full. 


Our metalshop is run by Dave Jenkins, our most experienced silversmith with over 40 years in Hayes & Finch. The team behind him includes AlanJohn & Jamie, who all ensure we offer the highest quality in both manufacture and restoration. 


Our Woodmill team consists of Ben & Dave, and they are lead by Dave Hartley, our woodworking team leader. Their jobs include making sure our vast woodmill is consistently producing the highest quality of furniture. However, the team are always ready for a challenge and are happy to build fully bespoke items from a provided idea, concept or drawing.

Vestment Room

Our last department of manufacture is our Vestment room, run by team leader Karen McGuigan, with her team consisting of ChristineDonna & John. Like all other departments, Karen and team enjoy a challenge and openly welcome the chance to create something new and unique from a concept, design or drawing.


The functionality of our departments would not be possible without a strong maintenance team, ours includes SteveDennis & Anthony and is run by Maintenance manager, Andy Brimble. The team are always on hand, with tools at the ready, to ensure all facilities and machines around the factory are running smoothly.

Despatch Warehouse

Once items are manufactured, they then need to be despatched, which happens in our warehouse and despatch department, run by Kevin Hudson, our warehouse & logistics team leader. Like other departments, Kevin has a team behind him, including MargaretJanetPhilLydia & Alan who make sure all orders are picked, sent and received safely and securely.


Our Accounts department work in the background, ensuring your account is up to date and payments are recorded correctly. The team includes SueRachel & Jonathonwho are looked after by our Head of Finance, Gordon Cipriani.


Our I.T. department is run by Danny Reardon, who keeps all the computers and telephones running, working on cyber security and keeping us up-to-date by always having a close eye on new technology.

Sales & Customer Service

Your order would not be able to begin it's journey without the help of the people you speak to on a daily basis, our sales and customer service team, run by the Church sales team leader, Julie May.

The customer service and web team includes ColletteAnn and Anne who deal with all your returns, web orders, and look after our customers who visit our showroom.

Julie is also our South East sales coordinator along with Derek Valentinelooking after our customers from Peterborough to Brighton and Reading to Norfolk.

Customers from Scotland to Liverpool on the west side are looked after by our North West sales coordinator, Pat Beckwith, and Fred Simmonds.

Our North East sales coordinator, Richelle Speers, and Lesley Patchett take care of our customers from Manchester to Hull and the east side up to Berwick.

Pam Rimmer, our South West sales coordinator, and Adrian Cousins look after all customers from Chester to Cornwall and Wales.

Our customers in the Republic of Ireland and all other Overseas areas are taken care of by Barnaby Preece, sales coordinator, and Darragh Murtagh.

This department is also where our Church sales designer and marketer is based, that's me, Jessica. I keep all of our customers informed on all our Church business activity with promotions, email marketing and website updates.



Hayes & Finch now have a New Business development team, which is run by Chris Millsand includes Helen & Mel, Commercial sales coordinators, and designer, Katie. This team looks after the Commercial side of the business and work with our B2B customers.


Finally, our Directors, Karen Reilly & Andrew Ware keep an eye on the overall business, making sure we are efficient as teams and as a company, all doing our part for Hayes & Finch.

Thank You

We hope you have enjoyed meeting the team and have gained an insight into the company and the people involved when you place an order with us.

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